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Sell on Top Auto Accessories

Top Auto Accessories(TAA) was founded in 2019.

The website is to provide an affordable and wider range of automotive accessories for New Zealanders.

TAA now covers most of the popular vehicle models, also has universal accessories for professional workshops and weekend DIYers to enjoy. Most of TAA's suppliers are from overseas, it protects its customer by holding adequate inventories to cover any postage damage or warranty/recalls. 

Now TAA would like to invite qualified suppliers to apply to join us.

Please leave your details on Contact us page.


1, Product requirements:

  • Provide product testing reports, related quality and export certifications. for example, CE, FCC, RoHS, HDMI, UL, Bluetooth, etc.
  • trademarks, patents, Non-original brand - Authorization to sell within the region from the franchised brand.
  • Branding must have ”Gtin” Bar codes
  • Product manual and packaging must be in English(multi-language welcomed). Packaging must be adequate for shipping.
  • All photos must be higher resolution than 1920x1080p, and taken from the original product. A short and informative demo video is recommended with the photos. 


2, Product ranges:

  • Bodykits
  • Replacement/upgrade - bumpers, headlights, tailights, cosmetic items for interior/exterior
  • Consumable items - batteries, tyres, air/oil filter, shocks, hydraulic structs, light bulbs, brake pads, etc.
  • garage/DIY equipment - hoist, jacks, stands, compressor, power tools, etc.
  • parts - starter, alternator, a/c compressor, coils, sensors, bearings, etc
  • We also welcome any paid automotive-related advertisements.

3, Product intellectual property requirements:

  • Suppliers must have legal intellectual ownership of the product. A sample product must be provided for a pre-sale inspection. If the product is found to be violating any of the laws within the sales region, we reserve the right to withdraw the product from the website. 


We look forward to hearing do business with you soon.